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The Kinky Romantics Cuddle Club's Journal

23rd October, 2007. 1:27 am.(yangnom_mejo)

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13th January, 2004. 5:59 pm.(remembering)

way to be quiet.

Current mood: hungry.

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3rd November, 2003. 1:06 pm.(quieteidolon)

interesting info for krcc-type folk:

The Suicide Girls Burlesque show will be at Market Street on Jan 26. Nothing wrong with a little bit of the kink in public. (plus, i'll be 21 then, so folk are more than welcome to come buy me booze legal-style!)

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30th October, 2003. 10:30 pm.(quieteidolon)

we need recruits. 3 in 5 hours is good, but we have to have more people to actually do this thing.

the cuddle is strong with us.

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30th October, 2003. 6:12 pm.(quieteidolon)

respect the cuddle!

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